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Getting the funeral you want in changing times

By 30th January 2024No Comments
Unattended Cremation

In recent years, there has been an increase in people opting for direct cremations.

Touted by national providers as ‘no-fuss funerals’, a direct cremation is essentially a cremation without a funeral service.

During the pandemic, many families opted for a send-off without mourners due to restrictions on the number of people permitted at services.

The subsequent cost of living crisis may also have played a part in growing interest in unattended funerals.

Yet while a direct cremation might seem straightforward, they’re anything but simple as far as many bereaved people are concerned.

The emotional impact of a direct cremation

In our caring work, we’ve observed added emotional turmoil due to this type of funeral.

Some families find themselves worrying whether they’ve done the right thing by their loved one.

While others feel they haven’t achieved the necessary closure that comes from gathering with friends and relatives.

The advantages and disadvantages of a direct cremation

For some people, a direct cremation is neither about saving money nor removing the perceived ‘hassle’ of arranging a funeral.

It can be a case of ‘that’s just what they want’ – and is a perfectly legitimate choice.

However, it’s essential that it’s an informed choice.

With that in mind, we think families should be aware of the advantages and disadvantages of direct cremation funerals.

First, the disadvantages:

1, Friends and relatives are denied the opportunity to spend time with a loved one before the funeral.
2, The absence of a service, or anyone to coordinate a service, means friends and relatives are unable to gather and pay their respects or comfort each other.
3, Friends and relatives can be left with feelings of guilt and become embroiled in arguments over whether it was the right decision.

And now for the advantages:

1, There can be a cost saving, but in many instances it’s not that significant when compared to some simple attended services.
2, There is no need to coordinate diaries of mourners to find a funeral date that suits the main mourners.

How we’re supporting families facing difficult choices

To help those who turn to us in distress find an approach that best suits their needs, we’ve developed a set of direct funeral options.

While there is no ceremony at the chosen crematorium, unlike many other funeral directors or online national providers we’re giving people the opportunity to spend time with a loved one in our chapels of rest prior to the cremation.

We’re also able to arrange a small service in our Juniper Green funeral home, or at another venue, either before the direct cremation or afterwards.

So, what is the right decision?

Porteous Family Funeral Directors is built on a philosophy of empowering families to arrange the funeral that they want.

Whether it’s a bespoke service or an unattended funeral, we will always provide the same level of care and professionalism.

In this age of heightened interest in direct cremations, we believe it’s important that people are informed and have choices.

And if you find yourself reluctantly arranging a no-service send-off, why not talk to our team?

There might be a way to honour your loved one’s memory without removing everything that makes a funeral special.