Young Adult (19-25)

The death of any young person, regardless of cause or age, is overwhelming to parents who can never be fully prepared for their child to die before them.

At Porteous Family Funeral Directors, we will do everything we can to assist, advise and support the family during this sad and difficult time. As well as helping to provide a fitting tribute, we will make sure the arrangements are carried at a pace which is sympathetic to the needs of the family.

It is very unusual that young children or young adults are insured and therefore the burden of the funeral costs will fall on to the parents or extended family. We are very proud we do not charge for arranging funerals for babies or children between the ages of 0-18. We are also the first funeral director in Scotland to reduce our funeral director’s fees for young adults aged between 19-25 by up to 15% off a standard funeral. We hope this can help families with the overall cost of funding a young person’s funeral.

The legal and practical requirements following the death of a young adult are the same as for any other adult.

Very professional listen and deliver to all your needs and requests. I would certainly recommend Porteous funeral directors to anyone. thank you for making a very hard day just that little bit easier.

Martin McLaren