Photo Presentations

Porteous Funeral Directors have the appropriate media software and equipment to put together a bespoke professional photo presentation for showing during the service at the funeral venue and/or at any other venue of your choice. This is especially useful to consider where a crematorium does not have the facilities themselves to supply this for you. All we need are the photographs that you’d like featured, together with the music that you’d like to accompany the presentation. The photographs do not need to be digitally available; we can easily work from an original although we would request that any photographs are removed from frames by you before bringing them into us.  

You will have the opportunity to see the presentation before it is recorded onto DVD, ensuring you have the opportunity to ask for changes before final approval. Once the service is over, you will be given the DVD to keep. 

If this is something you’d like us to provide for you, please speak to a funeral director or arranger, They will be able to give you more details and costs.

I found everyone at Porteous extremely helpful and went the extra mile to make sure everything went to plan. I want to thank everyone for their help especially Grant.

Jean Marsland