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We’re at the heart of the community – oh yes we are!

By 1st December 2023No Comments

As a long-established family firm, we have always felt that we don’t just serve our community, but are an integral part of it too.

Which means we strive to go beyond simply being a business within that community, or ‘putting something back.’ To us, it means a genuine commitment to collaboration and partnership, and of understanding the needs of the people within the locality.

That understanding does not come about overnight or by chance – our community is
diverse, welcoming and friendly, yet it is also one within which people go through the everyday struggles we all face, financially and emotionally.

Ultimately, it’s a community where we are there for each other, and it is our privilege to be part of that. We can only fully understand and commit to that by having staff who are knowledgeable and connected to a sense of ‘place.’


We like to think that, over the years, we have forged a reputation as a company which, like many other businesses around us, has taken an active role in helping to create a close-knit community.

This approach hopefully benefits the people who call upon our services. It’s an outlook we take throughout the year. This Christmas time, we are delighted to be supporting the Balerno Theatre Company’s production of Alice in Pantoland.

Mindful that many people have experienced tough times in their own lives, we feel it is important to endorse an initiative that brings smiles and warmth to our community at a special time of year.

We also continue to be involved in supporting other events, such as charity walks and book festivals.

Our managing director, Mark Porteous, is immediate past president of the National Society of Allied and Independent Funeral Directors (SAIF), an association whose aim is to uphold the highest standards amongst the UK’s independent funeral directors.

The element of independence is something we are passionate about, and is one of the reasons we are able to be a cog in the community’s wheel. We are run and managed at a very local level, we are steeped in its culture and our staff know and care about local issues.

Charity work

For example, Mark is a trustee of Pentlands Community Space, a charity which has worked with local people and organisations to create a hub and events space for the public, and now acts as a base for a wide range of activities for the Juniper Green population.

We will enter another new year with an unwavering commitment to put our community and clients first, and to continue to proudly play our modest role in helping making our part of the world a safe and inclusive place for everyone.

Image by Adam Wilson, Unsplash.